A small passionate team
to achieve great things

We at Infoica are makers. We are here to create meaningful things, things that make the world a better place, even if by a small margin.We hack away at software, until it is something we could be proud of. We can never arrive at something that is beautiful in a single step.Software to us is art, like a painting.Our ideas and products go through
gradual refinement, like a painting, until we end up something that satisfies the artist in us. We are relentless artists. Relentlessness wins because, in the aggregate, unseen details become visible. All these unseen details combine to produce something that is just stunning, like a thousand barely audible voices all singing in tune.


By determining project goals and parameters at the outset we can ensure the final product will fulfill its intended purpose. We place a heavy emphasis on Discovery and believe that it is one of the most valuable deliverables we offer our clients.


Great ideas are only as good as their execution. In development we seek to translate concepts into effective, functional experiences that adapt across digital platforms. We also integrate and customize the content management system for easy and intuitive content publishing and updating.


We always deliver and will work with you to meet organizational priorities and deadlines. We train your editors so that they are capable and comfortable making updates to your site. We continue to support your digital marketing efforts to ensure that you are meeting your goals.